Our Sanctum Spa at THE ICON, offers a full range of massage therapies, beauty treatments, creating a haven for you to unwind and reenergise.


Sanctum Massage Journeys
Sanctum Massage Journeys

Sanctorium Signature Massage

This rhythmic body massage was created to restore your balance and re-align energy flow. A choice of aromatic oils is available to address diverse individual needs and help you achieve enhanced mind and body wellness.
55 minutes | €90
85 minutes | €130

Melt Away Candle Massage

Give in to the flowing strokes of this warming and nourishing candle massage. Subtly scented oils were selected for their particular qualities and ability to relax the muscles and relieve tension, leaving your skin smooth and fragrant.
Choose one of our signature scents: Honey/Rose
Duration: 55 minutes | €100

Therapeutic Massage

Especially recommended for anyone suffering from aches, pains and stiffness, this full body massage will ease tense muscles and bring harmony to body and mind.
55 minutes | €100
75 minutes | €130

Sports Massage

This massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery depending on the needs of the athlete. In particular, it improves muscle flexibility and blood circulation, reduces swellings, repairs minor sports damages and injuries, and relieves muscle spasms. Athletes will notice increased ease and efficiency of movement, greater awareness of the mind-body connection and improved mental alertness in general.
Duration: 70 minutes | €130


Deep Tissue Massage

Re-charge your body and kick-start your circulation with this deep tissue massage. The powerful detoxifying essential oils of juniper, mint and lemon myrtle will help relieve muscle tension in specific areas of the body, either to release lactic acid build-up and muscle stiffness due to over-exertion in the gym, or to reduce fluid retention and improve poor circulation associated with cellulite conditions. An effective way to recondition your skin tone and feel free from aches and pains.
Duration: 70 minutes | €130






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Instagram post 17965572169588953

Personal Training at Sanctum
Make Real Result Ha
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Sanctum’s holistic wellness approach focuses on
Sanctum’s holistic wellness approach focuses on reconnecting body and mind in a luxurious environment in the heart of Limassol yet free from distractions. 25100109

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Instagram post 18001219408411671